Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Galileo by Mitch Stokes

Mitch Stokes always starts his books well. He starts
with a story. For Galileo, it is that he is known by
his first name. Italians gave one honor this way.
Galileo's last name is just like his first: Galilei.
Did you know he was a doctor?
Did you know monks taught him?
He lived in a historic time of invention, poets,
artists in Florence. I thought he only discovered
the telescope but he did so much more. He
discovers the pendulum clock, calculates the
geometry of Dante's Inferno, is visited by John
Milton.( so was there a connection between Paradise
Lost and a Copernicusor Aristotelian universe?
That is something to think upon that we don't

This is an excellent book for high school readers
upward. Good for biography, mathematician,
scientist, man of faith. One man gives his talents
to what he is called to:
" He would apply mathematics to the real world and
replace the wordy fumblings of philosophers
with true knowledge."

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walking said...

He was also a musician and mathematician . . . :-)