Monday, November 15, 2010

The Start of the week before Thanksgiving

The Shipbuilder and his Wife, Rembrandt

They are doing their work.
It takes two of them.

Last week was full of work
that included lots of people.
I am thankful for how I am
energized by the relationships
today. God can fill us with rich
food that way. Sometimes I
become needful of isolation and
quiet but today I am ready to
start again.

~I'm thankful for the two gals I
teach with! Truly a blessing!
~I'm thankful for Nancy who
skyped into a workshop morning
on Saturday. I was in awe at
~The head of this conference came
to give the workshop . I'm thankful
for his calling.
~ Book Club was extraordinary with
a banquet table before us for an
evening discussion of The Prodigal
God by Tim Keller.
~ A young man from New College
came to our class to tell us
about this new college and sat around
the table with 16 students eating pizza!
~ A homeschool meeting of Middle-High
School moms on poetry! That subject
always stirs my heart and mind and
even my soul. I'm thankful for the
faithful women educating their children.
They are passionate and determined!
~And my dear husband went to the
Big Apple for a business trip. Then was
fun to hear from him. He's now texting
all on one trip!Never really did much
before with this " way to
communicate" technology!

I love Rembrandt's light.
Shadows are there from the
daytime light from the window. His
light always blesses those who it falls upon.
That is how my week was.


Nancy Kelly said...

I like your Monday posts.

walking said...

Skype is a wondrous thing!

Our assistant pastor preached on the parable of the two debtors and what preceded it (the woman washing the feet of Jesus). Having read The Prodigal God allowed me to better understand this related parable.