Monday, October 18, 2010

Amazing.....when things happen

Like on Saturday.
To the Farmer's Market.
Then my husband catching
up with me. We go to the
Thrift Store ......because I
just had gotten up in the
morning and thought I better
go. For what? We have
everything we need. So I went.
Don't you know when the Spirit
moves upon you , you listen.
You go.

At the Thrift Store, Ken finds
some denim shirts which he loves
to wear. Half price. They are already
cheap and now cheaper. I then
decide to look at the tops because
they too are half price. That keeps us
there longer than just running in to
look about. We found a lamp and if
you knew our household, we are
hard on ~~ lamps and chairs.
So again, my husband is happy.
$3.00. He leaves ( we are in 2 cars)
and then in walks a dear friend who
has gotten a job and I don't see as much.
There we hugged , exclaimed God's
goodness in her just stopping by to
look at baby books. She was just with
her new grandson. There we praised the
Lord in gratitude and went out for
coffee! We caught up.

All day long I felt loved and cared for
by my heavenly Father.

I'm thankful for a daughter-in-law
who stopped by late Sunday afternoon.
Just to catch up.


podso said...

Those "running into" friends are not coincidences ... and seeing C is always a bright moment! Glad you could catch up--that says something, able to drop what you planned to take time for coffee. Your new pic up top could almost be Emma!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend, Bonnie! Hope you are well.