Friday, August 22, 2008

Three Houses

Angela Thurkell writes in
her autobiography about
her first three houses. Her
grandfather is Pre-Raphaelite
painter Edward Burne-Jones.
She writes:

" In this studio there was a very high
set of steps with a higher and lower
platform on which the artist
worked at the upper portions of
his picture. I remember sitting on
these steps , my head wrapped
in a many coloured piece of silk
and bound with a coronet, while
my grandfather made studies of
crown and drapery for one of the
mourning queens in the great
unfinished picture of Arthur of
Avalon which is now in the Tate

Second house is in London too.
North End House. Nephew of her
grandmother lives across the
street. Rudyard Kipling and his
family. That's where I am in the
book today.

Burne-Jones's studio, The Grange, Fulham, London

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Reproduced by permission of English Heritage.NMR
Reference Number: DD54/00139

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