Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rainy English Day

Cool and the earth was
replenished! Last day of
our Bible Study and one
friend brought British
"biscuits" ~~ Lemon Curd
Biscuits from Hampton
Court Palace , a gift from
English friends visiting
last weekend. Butter and
lemons . Since I don't know
much about this Palace , this
is some of what I found:

Famous maze in the gardens

6 acres of building

Hampton Court Palace

Henry VIII lived there.
Shakespeare performed there.
King James Bible is commisioned there.
Christopher Wren built part of it.

Hampton Court Palace, west front

The Chapel Royal where Archbishop
Cranmer issued a letter to Henry VIII
with accusations against his wife Catherine.
( unchaste behaviour before marraige)
She was executed in the Tower of London.

The Chapel Royal

Hope you've learned some-
thing and yearn to visit
on this English sort of day!
And a biscuit is a cookie
in England!


podso said...

enriched, again

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Thank you for the little lesson about Hampton Court....oh how I'd love to experience a cool English day in refreshing. But I did enjoy a little taste of that here on your blog. You find the loveliest art to display too...your header is very attractive.

Bonnie said...

Thanks Sara!
Yours is too.