Monday, August 4, 2008

Good day at the library

Picking up holds today.
I always look through the
NEW Books and
today I found the newest book
by an author I had recently
wondered WHAT happened to
him? Larry Woiwode. His new
book is a memoir called A Step
From Death. He lives in North
Dakota on an organic farm-ranch.
I read What I'm Going to Do,
I Think ~~ years ago. Great title,
isn't it. This book is delightful
to read as he writes to his son
about his accident on the hay
baler. Severe accident. But then,
this is one of my favorite genres.

"So , dear son, where to begin?
It could be the August morning
I stood on our front steps
wondering whether to go in for
jacket, but first let me step back
as far as I can and say that what
I remember most about my
beginnings , besides the voice of
my mother striding down through
the layer of dark to where I lay
upon the wonder of the unrush
os sleep, is how I felt set apart."

I'm almost to page 50.

"The history of a family begins
with a woman, to condense Cather,
and the pressure of her hand
produces generations behind her..."

Other books on the HOLD shelf
picked up:

In Search of England by H.V. Morton
( gorgeous old book of his travels in
1927 )

The Children Of Green Knowe
by L.M. Boston ( for a read aloud
with Emma, although we usually
read faster by ourselves. It might
happen here and we share the book.)

and an Elizabeth Zimmermann
knitting book.

A good day. Plus lots of
quotidian mysteries : laundry
out on the line.

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podso said...

I just love your posts. The wonder of all you read. Even if I can't read that much, I at least get a taste of the books through your blog! Thank you!