Sunday, August 17, 2008


Learning that you probably
used a NOUN as a VERB at
times is humbling. Part of
this morning's sermon :
Disciple is a noun. Yes, I knew
that. Then why have I said
" to disciple someone!"
It is not a verb. Everyone under-
stood me and noone has corrected
me. Today I stand corrected!

Matthew 9:9-13 ~ His disciples

Jan Sanders van Hemessen. Jesus Summons Matthew - 16th Century, Flemish Renaissance Painter


podso said...

BUT, as he said, that word has been commonly used, particularly in parachurch organizations. I've used it myself for years ... and done what I thought was "discipling" another. No wonder spellcheck always catches it! I guess the better word is the more current one, "mentor."

Bonnie said...

Yes, but he said it was more biblical.That is what caught
my attention.

Unknown said...

I caught that too yesterday...interesting how words evolve and change from nouns to verbs in our daily usage. I've discipled others before (I thought).