Wednesday, July 23, 2014

frogs & veils

I do sound like one. 
But I am much better. 
You can ask my sister who called today and heard me. 
 Summer cold and lost my voice but there is mending.
It gives rest and slows  time down. 
Time becomes like a monastery.

These words from The Rabbit Room are perfect for my 
"monastic " quiet these last 5 days: 

... a place I had found time and again to be what Celtic spirituality would describe as “thin”—where the veil between heaven and earth becomes so translucent, both become more luminous.

I was just at a monastery two weeks ago to see the Abbey. 
It was like this:

...the immense silence of it all. Pace yourself and breathe. Notice small things.

Spirituality that is thin is strong. It can see through the veil and things become
more luminous.  I had a moment today. This was my first day out since Saturday morning. 
I did run into a young girl who is going across the world for 2 years to be a teacher with a mission organization. We hugged from afar. I have this summer cold. You can hear it. She hugged my daughter. (She had dated one of my sons. He is married now!)

The thin veil of the Spirit.
  No mistaking the timing. 
All in Target.
( and praying  t she will not catch my summer cold even without hugging goodbye)

Belmont Abbey 
with Charlotte in the background


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

love that WInslow Homer painting

Working on next year's school plans for my class and doing 
Winslow Homer in the Spring. I adore his work. I stood in the
National Gallery in Washington , DC and just stared at his works 
in a special exhibit years ago. I was struck by beauty.

Been looking up Newberry Award books. 
Have you ever seen the list?
Look here
Read the runner ups. 
The books that got Honors. 

The library should carry all or most of them. 
I am checking on the older ones right now. 
May see if they are there but not for checking out. 










Sun out after a wet Monday

Getting to organizing books on these wet days that now have turned
into summer. Sun is out. Laundry out. This book from yesterday's 

Also if you have little ones who have a younger sister , these books 
are worth looking for by Dorothy Edwards and ilustrated by Shirley Hughes.
I first heard them read by Susan Schaeffer Macaualay at a L'Abri conference.

Monday, July 21, 2014


There's a new site up about books by Sarah Clarkson called


Check it out whether you have little ones or older ones or just read yourself.

Her main blog is good too: Thoroughly Alive.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Glory Be by Rebecca Reynolds

Glory Be (I)
Glory Be (II)

Stunning poetry , especially to prepare for the Sabbath. 


Summer cold. 
I have tried and tried to fight it. 
Today my voice is croaky and whispers are more audible. 

We did have a wonderful , wonderful birthday for Emma's 17th
on the 17th. Think I have some photos but they are on my phone.
We had company: this dear friend and her youngest daughter
( living books library and write at The Story Warren) and they 
brought homemade baguettes and chocolate croissants and
THE birthday cake which had Italian buttercream in the middle of 
a chocolate cake. We had homemade pasta from a shop and
we had 12 around the table. 

We shopped books ( used books ) and to our favorite store which 
just makes you feel better by looking at all the beautiful dresses 
and housewares and we ate at a favorite French cafe.

I am up to Lecture 6 of Jerram Barr's Children's Literature class
online free. ( think it was 2006) I have found some new books and 
authors ( Nick Butterworth was a student at L'Abri, thus knew Jerram)
and used book shopping with my friend who owns a private library
of 17,000 books has enlarged my heart and mind.

It is very cool here and we have had needed rain.
Hope all is well with you in this mid-July weekend.

From The Murmuring Cottage.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

rain and thunder and books

Lots of rain and thunder late this afternoon. 
Maybe the heat will be cleaned away like a good washing on the floor!

We have a birthday this week.
17 on the 17th:

I just read ROLLER SKATES for the first time :

Loved it and knew everywhere she skated in NYC.
Just got a beautiful copy of the sequel:

And reading this book which I might have to get :

And , my last and in this list but there are a few more books I won't put here, 
is this delightful book: 

Mice in Buckingham Palace when Queen Victoria's Jubilee is going to happen!