Monday, February 8, 2016


- too many meetings that don't accomplish alot

- Valentine's: some done, some not done

- Sweet note with a Starbuck's card in it

- Seeing this movie on Thursday. Read about Lilias Trotter: The Passion of the Impossible over a decade ago, even writing the author to get a copy or something. Letter in the book...

- bright spot: daughter skated free tonight right near Freedom Towers.
We are all jealous. Her Chinese roommate made dinner to celebrate 
Chinese New Year's. 

      My cousin lives in one of those buildings across the Hudson River in New Jersey 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sabbath ideas

Looking for inspiration for reorganizing. It doesn't come easy to me. I saw a wonderful 
Brit I follow ( Jessica Chorley) just put one of those tins on the table for her journal workshop. It was full of scraps. I had NOT thought of that. Filling one now. 

From a Canadian blogger who I read passed away

How to make tiny pom poms with a fork! 

Envelope template

From this blogger  from Norway

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

really good post on HOME

Jennifer Trafton Peterson
wife of Pete Peterson
who is brother of Andrew Peterson
so that make her the sister-in-law of Andrew
and she writes and does writing classes online and in Nashville
for young students.
She is also an artist. 
Her brother is an actor and on staff at Redeemer PCA in NYC. 
So , 

Read here. 


Those eloquent Welsh folks have a word for something we vagabond Americans can’t seem to name: hiraeth. It means something like homesickness for a home you cannot return to, or even a home that never existed at all; an intense longing for one’s motherland; a grief-tinged nostalgia for the lost places in the world where one’s heart once fit.


It is quite something  from homeschooling to have a son who is 25 ask if I have 
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor. I don't. 
I did send him the cheap paper back for 1.00 via that big online store we all use. 

I did find a way to write Gary Schmidt. Now to carve in time to make an " Orbiting 
Jupiter" card for him. 

I was given this title for Book of Centuries entries and even for Ancient History. 

It is " curated by Richard Wilkerson and Jo Nelson." I was tickled. It is a museum series. 

Plus do look for Dorothy Mills books on Ancients. She wrote a series of books on the Ancients. So good. Very. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016


I had to read some parts of ORBITING JUPITER by Gary Schmidt to my high school students
this morning. Parts about the cold and snow in Maine. Then had them write for 10 minutes
on the snow or a really cold snowy memory and use very descriptive words. I finished
the book this afternoon. Bawled. Now why am I telling you to read this book. 
You will be changed. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

half way through

Gary Schmidt's new book and have cried and cried ..... good writing and a good redemptive story....could finish tonight as the story has held my heart. Have to tomorrow. The story beckons.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

ok... getting more time

I just finally was able to renew for a library audio book that I can't find  and this is the greatest sense of GRACE.  Someone had a hold on it but there were several copies and tonight I renewed my lost copy. I have until Feb. 16th to find it. 

Ok.This sense of relief of having more time to look for something is full of freedom and a taste of GRACE that is so sweet. 

I do have one " bonus" cd that was in my car cd player so today  the librarian said to 
listen to it and then maybe I will find the whole audio book. Hmmm... I was checking to see if I had turned it in. 

Thinking Christmas did something to it with all the comings and goings and packings and cleanings and all that glittery stuff. 

Her e it is  this: ( listened to some  just because it is Lorelai , ok , I love Gilmore Girls --re the book she wrote because I love her speech and acting 

( one of my favorite scenes called :  I SMELL SNOW which my daughter texted me this weekend from NYC as the snow fell )