Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stunning Beauty

I have seen Rembrandt in major museums but not so many portraits ~ 50~ in one exhibit. His "oeuvre" ( they used the French at the museum is mesmerizing to stare at. The lace, the wrinkles, the hair, the cloaks, the pink and flesh colors in the faces with the noses even shining a bit, standing behind docents to catch more information ~~ I liked just looking myself and seeing the portraits. The most famous were two of his self-portraits:


( photo  below is not  mine but a similar one on my phone)

I did find a glass cased full of copper etchings of Rembrandt's in the free part of the museum.
I would love to be going to the Morgan Library in NYC
for their exhibit of Rembrandt's world. 

How about this: went later in the afternoon to another museum to see an exhibit on "Genghis Kahn" ~~ my. 
Good and we will be studying him in March.

How about this: ended with one gallery in a Gallery Crawl that a friend had a few paintings being exhibited. Fun to talk to artists , here are a couple you will like:

Shannon Newby

I Pledge | Shannon Newby  | cut book, encaustic on wood
 12 x 12 x 3" | 2009

( lots of book art) 

Phaedra Taylor

Bound and Waiting  |  Phaedra Taylor   
encaustic, paper, string, oil paint on wood | 12 x 16" | 2011

Hannah Costner

 and my friend Anna who loves color and Van Gogh and Rilke and the Lord.........

                       To Rilke

I was energized coming home after all of that!
Today I am  taking down the Christmas tree (Ephiphany is over) AND reading this book which is very, very good...... a blog to come:


Nancy Kelly said...

Sounds like a delicious day! Love the book art and that bird. And I will have to order that book now.

Looks like I'm gaining a daughter - Jack and Kaley got engaged! Watching your lead for sure...


podso said...

Ah what a wonder you had to see all of that! I still remember just gazing at the Dutch museum.

I will have your dvds tomorrow so look for me!

melissa said...

A wonderful post, and I just finished Conroy's book myself. :)

walking said...

Beautiful!!! I'm so glad you shared your day with us.

debbie bailey said...

I LOVE that Pat Conroy book. I also have his cookbook but haven't read it. I think I'll take it to Fripp Island in two weeks when I have my retreat. Mr. Conroy lives there, and two of my friends met him last summer. I've been stalking him for years and have yet to meet him. I am so jealous! Maybe this time?