Friday, January 13, 2012

End of the Week almost: Friday

I want to give praise as it says in Psalm 24:
"Lift up your heads, open the gate . Let the King of Glory come in...."

Yesterday , my DAY was full from the start to finish.

 The praise : In the morning, a  cell phone text came: " You don't have to come today." 

You know how the soul is lifted  when weight is upon it and then released!  My day was like that. This text was God's answer to my morning prayer: "Lord , help me today as I do the things YOU have in my day. Arrange each step. " It made all the difference.

 I was  running in the car from one thing to the next:
from  teaching  to celebrating my fellow teacher's  birthday to  running with meals to others ( Another text later  from my son that his wife was home sick  from school: she is a 7th grade teacher) to  running Emma to her Musical Theater practice and back. I had enough food to bring to my sick daughter-in-law from the other meal. One commitment  also was in my day but lifted out with that text.
       "Order my steps........arrange my day, Lord."

My literature class  started studying Psalms yesterday. I didn't know that MY  pastor is also preaching on Psalms this January. Psalm 24 started  this past Sunday and sermon/ his notes are here. He wrote an excellent book that is a complied devotion of his writings for the PCA's 40 Days of Prayer:

My class read Psalm 24: the first Psalm of the Week ( Sunday ) read and recited  in the homes of the Israelites from 539 B.C. on . Jesus would have said this every Sunday. Memorized it easily that way. We had dictation to learn more of the use of commas and semi-colons alongside The Elements of Style by Strunk and White. ( only one student got the dictaton perfect!)

                     Illustrator: Maira Kalman

Then Emma started singing:" This is the song we sing at church! "  ( Worship Director composed it)

" Lift up your heads , open the gate, let the King of Glory come in ...."

I awoke in the middle of the night singing it. 
Doing that all today. Reminds me of Beth's blog.

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