Monday, January 30, 2012

Brooklyn Sketchbook Project

I finished  my Brooklyn Sketchbook Project  this morning . The  theme I selected: Filled with Stories.  I still need to take photos and get it in the mail today. Deadline for posting it is tomorrow. My favorite page is the back one. I have a DATE DUE from an old book on that page with all the dates marked out from the 1990's. Then I put Jan 31, 2012. 

Today is Francis Schaeffer's 100th birthday. What a legacy we still have from L'Abri, books, lectures, biographies of this family. For the Children's Sake was the first book I read in 1994 when I started homeschooling. The following year Susan Schaeffer Macaulay was here for a solo conference. Amazing....abundant ....grace.

“We discovered that L’Abri wasn’t going to be easy. But we hadn’t asked for easy. We asked for help. We asked for truth.” Edith Schaeffer


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debbie bailey said...

My best friend visited L'Abri when she was a college student backpacking across Europe. To sit at the feet of Francis Schaeffer and hear him amazing experience. I'll always be jealous!