Monday, January 23, 2012

Checking off TO DO lists

I have many lists now with two weddings: March and June. Even  the groom's side has much to do  like  the DRESSES I wear plus everyone else in the family is in the weddings!   The dress I had for March is the right color for June so I've been looking for another. One is here to be tried on! YEAH!  A major "check off" the list  today: the ring bearer knows where to get his tux. Well, his mom does.  ( my nephew is 8 ) Thankfully, our 3rd son ( June wedding ) had coupons for $40.00 off each tux that our  2nd son ( March wedding ) is now using.  They had to be used by the end of this month. So Saturday was spent moving 2nd son into his new apt., Emma had Musical Theater practice and I monitored backstage, and 3rd son was calling me as he looked for suits for his wedding. The contract for the March wedding tuxes got done too. Busy rainy day.

IF you are confused, you have now stepped into my mind.

IN this  busy time:   Emma is  in a Musical Theater production in 2 weeks, going to a  Bridal Shower this coming weekend  and teaching my English class which is starting  with The Odyssey. But I've  escaped to Pemberley! I don't usually like sequels by a different author , especially those with Jane Austen. BUT P.D. James has risen up to the role because of her excellent  writing. I knew she would.

Here is a quote referring to when Elizabeth gets news of Lydia's elopement at Lambton Inn in a letter. Mr. Darcy arrives and quickly leaves. We know the story which ends up turning Elizabeth's heart to Mr. Darcy. 
He becomes her knight in shining armor as he rights this wrong that Mr. Wickham has done to the Bennet family. As James writes she tells the story  of  Pride and Prejudice as each character thinks back upon events.

Here her writer's salute to Austen:

"If this were fiction, could even the most brilliant novelist contrive to make credible so short a period in which pride had been subdued and prejudice overcome?" 


Nancy Kelly said...

"IF you are confused, you have now stepped into my mind."

Oh, Bonnie! I am laughing.

From joy to joy,

podso said...

Great sentence, Bonnie, probably more relevant for me than you .... miss seeing you and now I know why. Seems bridegroom prep can be as busy as the one who wears the white gown!

melissa said...

You're making me laugh as well. :) Btw, just checked our library and the PD James is very popular, but I think I can find it.

Take care in your madness. It won't last, I don't think.