Monday, July 22, 2013

The Phantom

We are back from a  niece's wedding , a celebration of my daughter's16th, and seeing cousins,
 brothers,nephews, nieces, a sister ( I only have one and she is amazing!) , and sites because 
when you go to NY you have to see a play, ride on a train, subway, ferry, and eat NY pizza.
It was hot. Hot each day.  We went to MOMA ( Modern Art) to see two favorite paintings and saw another one I didn't know was there:

                                                     Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth
                                        This is my husband's favorite painting. He had a poster of 
                                        it in his dorm room at college. We have been to the Olson
                                        house in Maine and have a picture of Emma laying on the 
                                        ground like Christina which Andrew Wyeth used his wife
                                        Betsy for the painting. 

                                        Starry Night by Van Gogh.  I am always moved by 
                                         his paintings. They make me ponder, wonder, and I 
                                         taste of beauty. 

                                         One of Monet's Water Lilies expanded across the wall. 

AND The Phantom of the Opera............we are still entranced and were not in the city
the next day for this in Bryant Park: 

More to tell of seeing my childhood home with my kids in two different trips: I now know why
my mother stayed in the little hamlet village on the north shore of Long Island with 8 kids. It is 
hard to fit 10 of us in a 7 passenger van! 


melissa said...

Oh my goodness. Such richness with these paintings. To see these masterpieces in person truly is amazing. Mouth-droppingly amazing.

podso said...

So enjoy reading about your trip...