Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Death by Living by N.D. WIlson

" Thank you God for faith and bulk-ordered grace. " N.D. Wilson's new book made my 
heart soar. This is a memoir. It is a story of the present and the past. It is a book of 
remembrance to his grandparents. He made me smile yet beware of his thinking. It will 
take you in a circle . You have to be listening . You have to be thinking. Great paragraphs
will come to take you up the mountain and raise your hands in a benediction. 

"Lay your life down. .. You have lungs. Let them spill with laughter."

"May my  living be grace to those behind me. May I live hard. To the dregs."

Wilson examines Time. We struggle with  the pace. "Our futile struggle in time is 
courtesy of God's excessive giving. " He tells his grandparent's stories. Their
testimonies of those who shaped them and in turn, him. 
" .... And what they did , they did unto the King ( because they did it unto his brethren).
And they tipped tremendous scales as they did it, shaping lives and generations
in ways that can never be undone. .......You have hands. You have words. You have 
something. Touch the scales. Touch the least of these." 

I especially loved this sweet story about his grandmother. 
I brought my future wife here to meet my ancestors and receive their overflowing 
love. My grandmother glowed, eyes sparkling, lips paused,
" Oh , she's lovely. 
I bent down for my hug and got a kiss and a whispered command to keep this lovely 
girl with the blue eyes and the wild hair,

I am richer for reading about " God is a God of galaxies, of storms, of roarying 
seas, and boiling thunder, but He is also the God of bread baking , of a child's smile,
of dust motes in the sun. He is who He is, and always shall be. Look around you 
now. He is speaking always and everywhere. His personality can be seen and 
known and leaned upon."

Book Review for Thomas Nelson BookSneeze for bloggers. 


GretchenJoanna said...

So glad you reviewed this - I hadn't heard about it, but now it's on my wish list!

melissa said...

Oh my, Bonnie. What a lovely review.

Sara said...

Sounds very inspiring and thought provoking. I don't know N.D. Wilson but maybe I shall take a look at his book soon. Thank you for the beautiful review.

auntp said...

This comment is not on your current post, but I have been looking for information on a Noel Streatfield book and found your blog in a round-a-bout sort of way. I am definitely becoming a subscriber! But I have a question regarding an author's letter in one of Streatfield's books if you have an information on something like that.

Bonnie said...

Is the letter in her book of Queen
Victoria? A friend had a letter in her book and we borrowed it. Did you want to see it?