Friday, July 12, 2013

A Sweet book

Ever just want to read a good book? I picked this one up from a book shelf , well, it actually never made it to a shelf. It was in a pile. A stack. You know , one of those stacks I have in my house.( Lewis writes about these in Surprise by Joy)  We love Noel Streatfield and collect her books. Her old copies of the Shoe books are wonderful to find. Ballet Shoes, Theater Shoes , Skating Shoes, Dancing Shoes. 

This story  is quite good and has warmed my heart. I am reminded how good "good writers" are! It was also published  earlier under the name " The Magic Summer" and  made into a movie or tv show in the UK. I might just have to find it after I finish because it would be a trip in the summer to England and Ireland. 

Noel Streatfield  is Mary Noel Streatfield.
I wasn't one of those readers who read her  books growing up. I am one 
of those homeschoolers who discovered a world of books when I started 
reading to my children. There were years and years of reading aloud. This one 
I will pass to my daughter for a delightful summer read. She loves her books 
and all the ones we own are her books.I had to tell my daughter one tidbit late last night: the mom was the youngest of 5 with 4 older brothers! ( just like her) 

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veryblessed said...

I love this author too! We have all of the "shoe" books. So much fun to read.