Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Whiteness of the Whale

Have you ever thought about
the color white
like this from Chapter 42 in Moby Dick:

whiteness refinely enhances beauty
imparting some special virtue of its own,
as in marbles japonicas, and pearls

~ various nations have in some way
recognized a certain royal preeminence
in this

~whiteness has been even made
significant of gladness:
among the Romans a white stone
marked a joyful day

~ this same
hue is made an emblem
of many touching , noble things:
the innocence of brides
the benignity of ages

~ the white belt of wampum was the
deepest pledge of honor

~Kings and Queens drawn by white

~ all Christian priests derive the name
of part of their sacred vesture: the alb

~ the celebration of the Passion of our
Lord through the vision of St. John ,
white robes are given to the redeemed

~ 24 elders stand clothed in white before
the Great White Throne

~ the Holy One sitteth there white like wool

Imagine the whiteness.

PS....Second son is engaged!
(not the ring but added to the list
of white!)

An Anglican priest vested as a alb


melissa said...

Congrats. to you for the new excitement in your family. :)

Brenda Williams said...

White light contains all the colors of the spectrum, and when objects reflect all the different wavelengths of light we see "white". So in a sense, white is complete. I have often looked at "white" objects in sunlight and been amazed at all the other colors that can be seen...pinks, lavenders, yellows, blues, greens,peaches...all the other hues, visible in white.