Friday, January 7, 2011

Gratitude in the mail

I got a sweet note in the mail today.
It quotes Spurgeon:

" God's eye is thus tenderly observant
of the work of the believer, which he has
begun. Sometimes we cannot see the light,
but God always sees the light and that is
better than seeing it............The Lord sees
"light" in your heart, for He put it there,
and all the cloudiness and gloom of our
souls cannot conceal your light from His eye."
( Weds. evening's mediation: Jan. 5)

words in a letter from a son's sweetheart ~~
to me. May the mail bring you some sweet words
of encouragement! Or send to someone else and
make their day!

1 comment:

podso said...

As you made mine! And what a sweetheart is your son's sweetheart! She knows you! And, you are thinking about LW these days!!!