Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Quotable Chesterton

This book is subtitled " The Wit
and Wisdom of G.K. Chesterton.
Indeed that it is. Kevin Belmonte
starts out with his dedication:
To Os Guinness, a cherished friend
and mentor. That alone sufficed to
tell me this will be a good book not
only for a Chesterton lover but Kevin's
tribute that would honor Chesterton.
I think highly of Os Guinness :his
writing and speaking and Schaeffer

This is an anthology of quotes and
paragraphs from Chesterton's writings.
GKC can write more in one sentence
to make you think or ponder thus using
language in the way it was meant. The
categories are not usual : A starts with
Academia to Z for Zola, Emile. In the
H section is High Places and Valleys,
followed by The High Task. In P is
Private Lives:
" Private lives is more
important than public reputations."

AHA ~~ GKC needs to be read by politicians
today! I love the words Kevin used for
each quote:

OLD THINGS: " And in the darkest of
the books of God there is written a
truth that is also a riddle. It is of the
new things that men tire ---of
fashions and proposals and improve-
ments and change. It is the old things
that startle and intoxicate. It is the
old things that are young."

I highly recommend this book to a
GKC lover and/or one who loves words
and quotes. I have several in my family
who will get a copy of this wonderful new
book for birthdays!

Fun cover that GKC would love!
"Mr. Chesterton talks about God "
in 1916 in a Times review, " because
God is the most interesting subject
for conversation that there is."

Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Review

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podso said...

There is no one whose quotes I like better, or who can put so much in a sentence, as you say.