Saturday, July 18, 2009


From Corrie Ten Boom's
In My Father's House:

"When Bessie told a story, she
wove threads of brillant color
through the word pictures she
created. When she moved into
a room, or dressed for a meeting,
it was with special flair. She knew
"levenskunst" ( the art of living)!

This is the second time Corrie has
used this word. Here she contrasts
her sister to herself in a chapter
called Seventeen, and So Much to
Learn. She said KNEW , not was.
Bessie must have developed that art!
Corrie used the term "the art
of living" in the first chapter entitled
Inheritance. She ends with a description
of her father giving her aunt one
guilder ( about 30 cents) as she nursed
Corrie's sick mother and took care of
4 children. Finances must have been
serious for he would have to ask for
the guilder back by Weds. after giving
it to Anna on Sat. It was "blessed
money." Anna always had it to give

"This was the beginning of my rich
inheritance. When I remember my
family life, I realize that my parents
and my aunts had truly mastered the
art of living. They enjoyed life and
they loved the children.

"We never laughed so much as when
you children were small," Tante Anna
In our hearts we must have stored up
some of the memory of laughter to
be brought out in later years, when the
sounds of happy laughter were scarce
in our beloved land."


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

There was a time when people would be asked "who's your hero?" and over the years I have thought a lot about this question. I would have two heroes: Corrie ten Boom, and Oswald Chambers, both for their single-hearted devotion to God no matter what and the way they allowed God to use them without reservation (once they knew it was possible) with the resulting richness and wisdom spilling out into others' lives even decades after they have left this place. That's what I want...and how very far from that I still am!

Wendell Berry - can you advise me on some of his books? I've never read any of his but I see him quoted everywhere and I'd like some advice on what to choose, should I be able to find some someplace.


melissa said...

You said you'd reserved 'The Lacemakers of Glenmara' at the library. Sadly, ours doesn't have it, so you'll have to tell me about it. Make me yearn for it. :)