Saturday, January 3, 2015

misty saturday

the holidays are almost
started taking down some of the decorations... and
graded papers....
lots of them ( 19) ( yes, crazy , isn't it).. which 
connected with my students in my mind while correcting their work... which
helps for next week... but 
could zone out again and not think about the work ahead. 

tree is still up....
( Epiphany on Tuesday)

- loved this devotion this week on Jan. 2. 
- saw The Imitation Game to learn about the father of computers and to 
see Sherlock in another role
- the movie Mr. Turner has not come here yet
- love this English sort of day
- this came in the mail from a dear friend

Detail of Fra Angelico's Madonna Della Stella...
"She holds her child fondly, and he, with responsive affection, nestles against his mother, pressing his little face into her neck." - The Madonna in Art, by Estelle M. Hurll (1899)

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