Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I took some snapshot glimpses of life today.

Glimpses of goodness:

- a dapper  white headed bearded man with a bouquet of flowers and his Trader Joe's bag
going to his car. Who were they for?

- saw an acquaintance who I adore in Trader Joe's  and she thanked me for posting a link
for this book club ( for kids and adults ) of Andrew Peterson's Wingfeather Saga 
books. This past summer, I saw boys ( maybe about 10 years old) have their books signed by Andrew and then go sit on the floor and start reading. Imagine being that kid!
So encouraged by a simple  " seeing someone!"

- library parking lot was almost full and I almost couldn't find a parking space.
Were they all reading books?

-  then I got a call from my husband to ask if I bought his shampoo which I had forgotten 
at TJ so I had this feeling I was going back for a reason. Walked in and there 
at the first check-out was a dear friend I have not seen in a while. I had been waiting 
to see her with news of a death. Knew that forgotten shampoo was this. 

- my phone hit Facetime and all of a sudden I was doing this to S.D. Smith of 
The Story Warren and author of The Green Ember! This was during my class, mind
you!  ( we were in a small den in front of a fireplace so it was very cozy) I had to text him 
what happened. One of my students sent him a poem about his book so we were 
not strangers!

- a student looked up where Kent was from reading about Millet which made me
in awe for the timing of studying this French artist right now.  She declared 
"It  is so pretty there" and my heart warmed. 
While other Frenchmen are generally dark and thick-set, the Norman is, as a rule, a tall, fair- haired, blue-eyed man, not unlike in build to our Yarmouth fisherman, or our Kentish labourers. In body and mind, there is something about him even now which makes him seem more nearly akin to us than the true Frenchmen who inhabit almost all the rest of France.) 

- then we prayed for France

- it might snow 

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( in the Netherlands)

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