Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who else is so influenced by the Bard

I didn't know how deeply
Melville was influenced
by Shakespeare. A little
used paperback came in the
mail today: Call Me Ishmael.
(which I didn't pay very much
for it). We're almost finished with
discussing Moby Dick in my
literature class, I think this 1947
book has given me more to think
about ~~~ quoting from Melville

" those deep far-away things in him;
those occasional flashings-forth of
the intuitive Truth in him; those
short, quick probings at the very
axis of reality;-- these are the things
that make Shakespeare, Shakespeare."

Shakespeare is in Moby Dick
which is why we begin Much Ado
about Nothing next. Good follow
up, I'd say.

Does anyone know what other authors
have so many references to Shakespeare
like Melville?

Do any who are trenched in Charlotte
Mason's writings know what American
authors she used in her curriculum?


amy in peru said...

Here's what I found for American authors: (is this what you meant?)

In volume 6 she mentions "an American publication called The Sciences (whose author would seem to be an able man of literary power) of very great value in linking universal principles..."

Could it be this?:
The Sciences by Edward Holden, out of print, but online here for free (oh yes, I just found in volume 1 where she names him)

volume 1 & 3, poet Walt Whitman

james audubon is mentioned in volume 1

ralph waldo emerson, in

These are American authors quoted in her books:
Felix Adler, Moral Education of Children (vol 2 & ?); Bits of Talk about House Matters, by Helen Hunt Jackson in volume 5

thanks. that was fun. :)
amy in peru

Bonnie said...

Thanks Amy.
I know of some of those people in her volumes. I wonder if she read Little Women or Moby Dick or The Scarlett Letter?