Monday, February 21, 2011

When you go to something extraordinary

You want to tell your friends.
You want to listen again.
You want to become a fan.

That is what happened on
Saturday night at a local
college who brought
named after the flame-haired priest, Antonio Vivaldi, Red Priest
for a concert.

We laughed and looked at
each other and said
From England ~~ Piers
Adams piping his recorder
as if it were part of his body!
A celloist who played it like
a guitar at times. A Jewish
Scottish fiddler with such
humor. A harpsichordist
who gave memories of Bach
and Handel. Superb!
For those in my home town:
students go free and the driver
because as they say SOMEONE
has to bring the student!
Don't you like THAT attitude in
this day. It certainly helps
support the arts.

There's nothing like music without
electricity too!

I am thankful for the
richness and joy in live
music. These in particular.
Much delight that was
poured into my soul.

~~ thankful for red costumes
~~ fabulous shoes on those Red Priests
~~ lively melodies from the classical tunes
~~ joy that comes from melodies
~~ Laughter from good performers
~~ hours of practice they did to get
where they are
~~ hearing that the violinist in the US
is different because Piers' wife,
the main violinist, have a young daughter
~~ That choice is very biblical. Stay home
with young daughter.Tour in UK and Europe.
~~ for a choir teacher who told us about this


melissa said...

Went to your goodness, they crank up the Vivaldi, don't they? :)

podso said...

Thanks for the listen!

Deidra said...

Wow! Sound like a fantastic evening! I'm so glad you got to enjoy it, and that so many items were added to your list as a result!

Nancy Kelly said...


walking said...

Extraordinary is right!!!! We did Vivaldi last term and we may just have to get our hands on one of their CDs.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I can tell that was a special evening of music. I must look up Red Priest....thanks for sharing with us.

PS: Don't know where that Cassatt is (Summertime) in was one of my google image finds.

Unknown said...

Live music. It's a moment in time. I'm glad I was there. Red Priest seems to have a greater desire to share their love for music than to be idolized for their talent.