Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another creature

I pulled up to pick up
Emma and while sitting
in the car in the parking
area ~~ there was a tiny
critter scampering across.
She ( yes, I imagine she was
a she) was just running with
all her might. She was tiny.
A mouse or a vole.

THEN a hawk swooped down
and sat on her with his claws.
His head just went back and
forth for a few minutes.

You know I even imagined that
tiny creature to survive. I then
thought THAT hawk is killing her.
My mind said ~~ HE IS KILLING
EYES. That is a really strange
thought when you just pull up
to pick up your daughter!

Noone was around to see what
I saw. Not even my Emma.

Then it took flight with
the dead mouse or vole.

No photos for this.
Just the one in my mind.

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