Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Jane Eyre film

A new biography on
Judi Dench sent me to
a link on a new movie
coming out in March:
Jane Eyre.
Focus Films.
They did P&P.




melissa said...

Jane Eyre...my very favorite book of all time. But I am surprised at one more film version of it.

Love the photos, btw. :)

Nancy Kelly said...

I think I'll have Katie read this for the first time and I will reread it. I am really excited about this movie. Are you reading the biography?

Bonnie said...


Jane Eyre has a special meaning for me ....I'll post on that when I see the movie.

I was thinking the same thing with Emma. I put a hold on the bio at the library but the book is on order.

podso said...

Jane Eyre possibly my most favorite book too--but I thought the movie preview looked so dark. Certainly more so than I pictured it in reading the book, but maybe that's how it would be on today's big screen.

tonia said...

um, yeah! I have been wanting to watch a good version of Jane Eyre...and also Great Expectations. Hopefully I'm halfway there now!