Monday, June 21, 2010

Giving Thanks

Those of you who have sisters will
understand thankfulness for one.
Mine came this weekend with dinner
in a cooler and her dog and lots of
love to spread around! I'm so thankful
for her. Both of our husbands are out
of town and we had a few days together.
We live 2 hours apart and the time
together is always wonderful. She came
with produce from her garden. That
alone is to be thankful for! Getting
fresh from the garden cucumbers,
peppers , herbs..........! She went
home with my Hannah Coulter book.
Not a trade but a feeding of sorts!

We went downtown to have lunch with
my oldest son and picked up his wife....
and then ended up at a French bakery
afterwards in the arts part of downtown.
I love finding new locales. I'm thankful
for that kind of beauty.

We ran into a friend at the library who isn't
usually in the small town of Matthews.
I love thinking of the Lord's timing in how
my sister would meet this friend. Voila!
There she was and there we were.
A meeting. Now faces to names.
I thanked the Lord.
He cares in these details.
His presence.

holy experience

1 comment:

melissa said...

Sweetness...and I always appreciate how you never let the goodness go by but you appreciate it.

You are a joy! :)