Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mercy, the daughter of Grace

All of these booklets got gone
when they were put on a few
Sundays ago: 50 Days of Prayer
for the PCA. It is written by my
pastor and is online. It is based
this year on The Sermon on the
Mount. I'm getting
them daily for prayer for a church
wide missions trip, right here in
our City: Seek the City.

I love these words in red:

You can't make yourself merciful any more than you can make yourself pitiful. Being merciful grows out of receiving mercy, just as forgiveness flows from the heart of the forgiven (6:14-15). Mercy and Forgiveness are twin sisters, the daughters of Grace. Mercy judges not. It could care less how you got in such a mess or why you can't get yourself out of trouble. Mercy simply stops, bends down, begins to bind up the wounds, and quietly whispers, "I'm here to help." Mercy is the grace that relieves the consequences of sin in the lives of both the sinner and those sinned against. Mercy is grace in action. Tim Keller says, "Jesus uses the work of mercy to show us the essence of righteousness God requires in our relationships."

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