Wednesday, May 12, 2010

books that influence

Which would you say did that
for you: helped in sanctification,
gave you joy for the story, brought
you something you needed right then?
Here is an article at Books and
Culture on Agents of Influence by
John Wilson:

From the Bible comes my understanding of who we are, what ails us, and what hope we might share. But apart from what matters most—first and last things—reading and listening to this mighty book of books turned out to prepare me for a lifetime of reading. (If you turn the page, you'll find Mark Noll reviewing a book by Robert Alter about the influence of the King James Version on the prose of six American writers.) It was far and away my most formative job training.

That article is on The KJV Effect:
American Prose and the King James Version

by Mark Noll.

Here is a link to Books and Culture
podcasts ( they are short) like on
Luci Shaw on her new poetry book
Harvesting Fog and a Canadian poet
Suzanne Buffam, whom I would like to
get to know through her work.

What would you add?

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Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I am so grateful for books...those special ones that have influenced me from my earliest years until now. It is like having good friends to comfort and advise you...or simply make you laugh when you need a little sunshine in your life...