Friday, May 7, 2010

5K Run

Not me ,but the Police Academy
ran in formation tonight in a 5K
( 3 mile ) race in downtown
Charlotte. Brad, second son , ran.
It seemed like summer.
Hot and humid already.It was fun
to see the Academy. Every night we hear the
story of the day: pepper spray and tazer

It's been awhile since I've been downtown.
Oldest son waited on us and walked down
the blocks with us. He works in the city.
New Modern Art Museum is next to his
firm's new building. We managed to walk
through the Overstreet walkways to
get back to our car, which was pretty cool.
Pretty empty and no big events going on
besides runners!

I want to work where my other son
started today for his summer job in
Blowing Rock ( Jan Karon setting of Mitford).
Well, actually I would like to stay there!
( not normal hotel prices either!!!)
This was the summer home of Victorian
artist: Elliot Daingerfield. Evan went in
a suit for a dishwasher job! They gave him
something better: valet. I think it was the

Westglow Resort and Spa

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