Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I feel like cleaning

Said my 12 year daughter.
Was that music ? Yes, indeed.
We can make such a mess at
Christmas and it seems like
Spring cleaning is needed to
get the house back into shape.
The tide came in and just went
out again ( my sons) ~~~
I love thinking about
the ocean in the middle of winter.
It is more about the
liturgy of the tide. ....coming in at
a certain time and going out at a
certain time. I just have to have
food IN the house for when it comes
in. Ham bone is in the stockpot
simmering this afternoon.

BLUE MOON tomorrow night.

The Moon is Blue


Rhondi said...

If your daughter still feels like cleaning she's welcome to come to my house!

podso said...

Blue moon means babies! And before the new year; tax deductions you know.