Thursday, December 24, 2009

26 Years Ago...........

Early, very early,
on December 24, 1983,
I gave birth to the first
of 5 children.
I labored most of the
23rd. He came right
after midnight.

Just in time for Christmas. He's very , very , very,
happy in the photo. His bride to be is right beside


podso said...

Happy Birthday to your eldest, and have the happiest of Christmases. Due to his birth time you must have gotten an "extra day" at the hospital. :-) To recover and adjust. That's a great photo of B.

And thanks to KB for his visit to and prayer with the Gardener yesterday. Much appreciated.

Ode to oh the ways we communicate. :-)

melissa said...

How sweet to read this...and your eldest has the prettiest eyes. :)

Merry Christmas!