Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever....EVENING READ

When the boys were young but able to read,
we did an Evening Read of this book at dinner:
a special dinner. They all remembered
the laughter and Mom crying at the end. We
dropped doing that at least 12 years ago
because Emma doesn't remember doing that.

Saturday we did it again but now with a new
daughter-in-law and girlfriends. None had
ever read it. One is an 8th grade English teacher.
We kept passing the book and took turns
reading out loud. Here's the first line:

"The Herdmans were absolutely the worst
kids in the world."

By the time we got to the second line, my
teacher daughter-in-law was laughing.
Maybe she knows kids like the Herdmans.
By the time we finished , I did cry.
And now a memory for each
of those girls...and my sons and my daughter.

Today one of my students told me THEY
did the same thing Sunday evening ....because
of me telling them how fun it is. How fun the
book is.
They may do it again with more family
during Christmas so they took my copy home
to have another to read from.
Why? Because the true meaning of Christmas
comes through by the end amidst the laughter
and the crazy things those kids did.

"Hey, Unto to Us a Child is born!"

Reread it . It only takes about an hour and a half
to 45 minutes.

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Jennie said...

Beautiful family moment. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Happy Christmas to you and your family!