Monday, January 26, 2009

Snow Hill

IN honor of Andrew Wyeth who
died last week, his Snow Hill, from
The Chadds Ford Gallery:

“This is not just a pleasant picture,” says Andrew Wyeth. “It’s a culmination. These are all people I’ve painted in the past”. His models - neighbors all - dance around a winter maypole in gleeful anticipation of Andrew Wyeth’s death.
The models Karl and Anna Kuerner, Helga Testorf, Bill Loper, Allan Lynch and Adam Johnson are dancing on top of the Kuerners’ hill in view of all the locations where they lived and were painted by Andrew Wyeth. The empty streamer represents the artist who once said, “I wish I could be invisible when I’m painting.”
At the foot of the hill, the Kuerner farm, at the left - one of Andrew’s favorite subjects - stands beside the railroad tracks that lead to the crossing where N.C. Wyeth was killed by a train in 1945.

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melissa said...

I enjoy hearing history like this, and to see the painting along with your explanation of it makes it all come together. Thanks for that.