Saturday, January 17, 2009

Certainly the day calls for a fire in the fireplace

After my husband does Saturday
errands, many for me ( grocery stores),
he will build a fire! The first and maybe
the only one this winter. I can't help and
I love stoking it and keeping it hot.
Oldest son takes a CPA exam this afternoon.
Second son passed the entrance exam
for the Police Academy. He graduates with
a Criminal Justice degree in May. Third son
is home from Boone . The coldest day he's
ever felt as he went to class on friday! Good
to have the dinner table fill up and extra
hands to help. I've already gotten the question:
"What are we having for dinner?" hmmmm......
Any ideas for a dinner by a fire but not a
campfire! ?


beth said...

Sounds wonderful, Bonnie! How about chili with big dollops of sour cream and corn bread with whole corn inside...or bbq chicken, mashed potatos and greens...or curry and rice. I'm sure whatever you have, it will taste better with a full table.

Glad you're continuing to recover. One of these days, I'll get over to look at poetry books!

podso said...

Enjoy your family and your fire! Good news all around, with lots of coziness!

melissa said...

You know what I like about you? Well, one of the things!....You seem to find and celebrate joy in such simple things. You are a special person to know. :)

As to the question...I'd go for something hot and stewy for dinner. Or whatever the boys esp. like. It's all about pleasing them this weekend, I'd say.

Btw, I'm proud of their accomplishments. That's just wonderful---every one. And your sweet daughter too, for being so supportive of you, and for being your pal. Mustn't forget your husband whose hard work makes it all possible.

My goodness...what a long comment. :)

Danielle said...

These comments, and your post,make me smile.

walking said...

Smores!!! :-)

Congratulations on all of your wonderful news!!!

And, how are you getting along with your hip????