Saturday, January 3, 2009

Moms of many children

Another dear friend dropped in
for a visit today. The mom of 5
boys! She's 20 years younger than
me and always inspires me to see
beauty and to use my hands. She
had her knitting with her! A hat
for the youngest who is almost a
year. She was bearing gifts ,both
handmade. Look on her blog for
her husband's link , not sure it's
there for his woodworking with
her new headliner. The b0ys are
famous for those boots! She loved
the quiet in my house, for only Ken
was home. Unusual still today and
I know what she means.When I'm
homes the silence is a soothing musical
to my soul.

Painting by Carl Larsson


Emma Anne said...

I really like the painting!
Emma Anne

Susan said...

A Larrson painting so perfect to illustrate thoughts about home.

Susan said...

...which of course, I cannot spell!

G. said...

That could almost be your kitchen!!