Monday, March 3, 2008

A New Look

GREEN didn't match this
favorite painting of mine.
I saw it about 3 years ago
at the National Gallery on a
fluke. We were in Maryland
for a funeral and after-
wards spent one day at the
Smithsonian. I had no idea
the Winslow Homer exhibit was
still there. Have you ever had
tears of joy about beauty? I
was taken with a Mary Cassatt
that day and this particular
painting. I marvelled and tears
of unbelief that I could SEE these
paintings. I do count those times
just like a sunset or a particular
bird on my deck AND viewing
a painting as those unannounced
times when beauty appears!
It is one of my absolute
favorites. Carl Larsson still is a
one of my art loves, but I have
never been blessed to see one
of his paintings. Just in books
and on the net.

It is called "Mending the Nets."
It is based on the seaside fishing
village of Cullercoats, England.
It is in the northeast and near
New Castle, up towards Scotland.
This skill of the menders was
passed from generation to the next.
Families at work.


Gail said...

It's beautiful!! Thanks for the calls today. Glad everything is OK!!

Podso said...

Love the new look! And the net menders!

melissa said...
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melissa said...

I think this looks just great. Love the painting and background with it. Well done!

(sorry about the deletion above...I hate to be messy with my comments!)

Nan - said...

Such a beautiful picture!!