Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Catching up on Break

Spring Break is here this week
for our homeschool. We still have
some things going on ~~ choir for my
youngest who sang last Sunday and will
this Sunday. "We welcome Glad Easter"
She sings in the car so that has made
Holy Week special. Piano lesson, guitar,
and French lesson still happened, but now
a slower pace as we approach Maundy
Thursday and Good Friday.

I'm catching up on half finished books.
One being Home From Holly Springs
by Jan Karon. It took off. Wings, the
other night. I love Jan's beautiful
sentences. They seem to dance:

"How could he repay these good men who'd
been sent by the Almighty as surely as manna
had been sent for the tribes? Grace can't be
repaid , his wife was known to remind him."

and this: "It was convenient in any
circumstance to have an opinion,
a settled view of things. But he couldn't
get at how he felt about what he
learned today, or how it might change his life.
'Truth must dazzle gradually,' Emily Dickinson
had written, 'or every man be blind.'"

Caught up with bringing a dinner
for a dear friend who delivered her
5th boy! Yes , 5th boy!
He is precious as well as all the others.
I had forgotten how tiny newborns are.
She gave me a gift. Her husband makes
the most beautiful crochet hooks. He'll
be online soon and I'll post it!


Gail said...

Will miss being with you this Easter.

podso said...

Enjoy the rest and quiet.