Friday, March 14, 2008

Longings for Home

We went to a book signing last night
of Tim Keller, Senior Pastor of Redeemer,
NYC. His new book is : The Reason for God.
We have gotten his sermons for years and
visited Redeemer. What struck me later that
night was something God did in my soul.
Northerners wear wool. My dad wore a wool
sportscoat with khakis and a button-down
shirt and later I thought of this. Keller had
on a wool tweed jacket, just like my dad wore.
His first words were of being thankful
to be here where Spring has arrived. It takes
more time to come to NYC. My memories were
good and I thanked God. My parents separated
when I was 8 and divorced 5 years later. Those
"longings for home" were good. Almost back to

CS Lewis wrote about "Sehnsucht":
man's longing for his eternal home.
He believed that myth contains truth and
that Christianity was the "true myth."
Tolkien was the one to tell Lewis that.
Aren't we thankful! And for me, a taste
of Sehnsucht with a wool coat.


Linda said...

Lenten Greetings! I am catching up with you a bit on this rainy morning when I had first planned to dig in the garden. Maybe later.

Have you begun reading the book yet? If so, how do you like it? Did you reschedule your 'Supper of the Lamb' evening? I'd love to know how that goes, too.


Bonnie said...


I have finished "Supper of the Lamb"
and loved it. It stirred in me a feasting attitude and a yearning to cook. We have the dinner-discussion the first week of April.Moved it because of Tim Keller being in town and now after Easter, we can have lamb!

Rain coming here too.