Friday, March 7, 2008

Good , foggy Friday

Always good to have the whole
family together. Tonight we did
to celebrate Gordan's 16th birthday
yesterday. ( 4th son) We celebrated
last night too! Never too much
when it's a BIG birthday.
Gordan and I went up to Boone
in the rain and then fog up the mountain
to get Evan ( 3rd son) for Spring Break.
So thick as we climbed higher and
it wisped about the terrain.
Back in time to go out .
Good for my soul.


Gail said...

Enjoy having your family together!!

Nan said...

'good for my soul' Isn't that just the truth. We had a recent supper with both kids and it was just heavenly. If you saw the photo, and the laugh on Tom's face, you get a clue of the joy we felt. Every time you mention the mountain, I'm immediately in Mitford, with Father Tim worrying about Dooley coming down it in bad weather. That, in fact, is the only thing I don't like about winter is my kids on the road in bad weather, which we are supposed to get tonight. :<(