Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Life Changers

Some answers :

Gileskirk is a high school humanities
curriulum from Franklin , Tenn taught
by Dr. George Grant. Google that!
Best thing we've done in homeschooling.
My third son, freshman at Appalachain
State, exhorted our class ( 15 homeschoolers)
to keep on because it's how he learned how
to study and knows it formed his worldview.
Then he was off to the mts. yesterday to visit
a friend and to get a snowboard! We are doing
Antiquity this year. It's a four year cycle. It
changed our lives.

L'Abri Fellowship also changed our lives.
Francis and Edith Schaeffer founded L'Abri
in Switzerland in the 1955 as a study center
for up to a 3 month term and today has
branches all over the world. I've never
been a "student" but have been to
many L'Abri conferences.
The 50th Anniversary Conference was in St.
Louis in 2005. Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
wrote "For the Children's Sake" and "For the
Family's Sake". She has mentored me deeply
in how I've homeschooled using Charlotte
Mason's methods . I had the pleasure of
meeting her in 1995 here in Charlotte when
our homeschool support group hosted a
day and half conference
with Susan! I had just begun homeschooling and
thought God was Amazing with a Capital
A!! I still do !

Steve Garber is head of the Washington Institute
on calling and the author of The Fabric of
Faithfulness ( book for college students).
He gave a lecture in St. Louis on
True Spirituality, stemming from
Schaeffer's book, but more what it meant
for him. He referred to The Wild Birds
by Wendell Berry as the best example
in a novel of calling.
Doing that which God made you for as a
vocation. I read the book 3 years ago,
but I remember the character wanting
to be a priest but becoming a barber!
I have never forgotten how rich that
barber's life was.

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Nan said...

Oh, how you must have laughed at me thinking you were a bird caller! Thanks for all the time you took to give me all those answers. I don't know either of the musical groups you mentioned. I wouldn't be going to merlefest either, but thought I'd ask since you are in the area.