Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home Cooking

From my pile of library books:

More Home Cooking by Laurie Colwin:

"If you meet someone who keeps ducks,
make that person into your best friend at
once. Duck eggs are ambrosial, they are
BIG , with dark orange yolks. Their shells
are rather powdery, and they are much
larger than even a jumbo egg. They taste
like eggs to the tenth power and are
definitely worth hunting for. "

"The quail egg is the gentle essence of egg.
They are also perfect for a child's lunch

The next day after the short chapter
on The Egg and You, I made egg
salad sandwiches for my picnic lunch!
Just brown organic eggs. I keep thinking
about duck eggs!


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Bonnie, nice to meet you over at my blog - good luck for the giveaway!
Lucy x

Nan said...

We had Rouen ducks for a while until they disappeared from the fenced in pasture. We just loved those ducks, and couldn't bear getting any more. But, the point of telling you this is that the eggs were amazing! Tom didn't think they were so great as eating eggs, but my gosh, they were terrific in baking. The bread rose SO high, and cakes were delicious.