Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Getting it right

Right at the end of class this
morning, (Gileskirk) I saw several
of these on the railing of the deck

Black Phoebe, Sayornis nigricans

I found out WHO these birds are:
Phoebe! Cute white underbellies!
There were several , so they bring
their friends.

It's wonderful to find out something
with a Bird book. And they are new
to our house@!

Good book of Wendell Berry:

The Wild Birds:Six Stories of the
Port Williams Membership

I heard Steve Garber at a L'Abri
Conference say that this is one of the
best books on "calling." So I came
home from St. Louis that year and
bought it!


walking said...

Did you take that picture? I love birds and have never seen a phoebe! THANKS!!!!

Nan said...

So, maybe these are "our" summer Phoebes spending the winter in warmer climes!

I haven't read Wendell Berry and I really, really must. I think there are several books with the Port Williams characters.

What is "Gileskirk" and "L'Abri" and by "calling" do you mean bird calling?? Do you do this? Maybe you wrote about these in earlier posts and I missed them?

Now, musically speaking, this is not Stacey Kent, but still... I wonder if you plan to go to Merlefest? I saw an ad in my No Depression magazine and thought of you.


Bonnie said...

OH, some readers! You girls are great.

No , I didn't take that photo.
BUT they did look like that!
Such cute bellies!

And I will blog on the others.


Bonnie said...


Just looked up Merle Fest~~
it's up in the mountains in
April. We've never gone and
probably won't.....but I love
your music recommendations.
Do you know HEM or Over the Rhine?


Amber Benton said...

Phoebe was one of the first birds I ever learned (besides the crow, robin, and cardinal which frequented around the homeplace). Do you remember Eight Cousins by Alcott? The main character is called Phoebe!

Bonnie said...

Thanks Amber. I was scrolling down to find this to show to someone and there you are again! I'm glad to know and hope those were phoebes that I saw. If not, they are in my mind. I think that Phoebe is also in Hawthorne's The House of Seven Gables. Need to look that up. I read it many years ago.