Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's time to wear white

This is the title of the email in my box today from my favorite store:
Anthropologie. Had they peeked  into my day because I WAS 
wearing white? White pants for the very first time. I even wondered
if it was TOO early. Then as I arrived to class this morning, there was
 my dear fellow teacher and friend in WHITE pants too.
 It is time.  

Today I would have rather gone  to the beach and strolling the sand
 and watching the waves . I am catching up from much travel: 
heard Wendell Berry this weekend in Nashville
Son is graduating this weekend from college 
so it is not part of  my weariness but there is preparation for such a 
celebration. I was so struck by Berry's joy , humor, and wisdom. 
I need quiet to think about all he said and how he said it. I adore
his books. SO today my students blessed me with recitations of the 
Prologue to the Canterbury Tales in Middle English, readings of 
sonnets of Shakespeare to acknowledge his 450 birthday, and
 a great quote by Walter Wangerin about writing :

Good description is like Chartre Cathedral: it makes the reader move forward, move, you see, in the direction (narratively and emotionally and interpretively) that the author intends

We looked at short videos of Canterbury and Chartres Cathedral. 
And I still long for a time of rest but like Berry, it may be within one
of his Sabbath poems. We did read a couple of my favorites.

We didn't go to the beach. 

More soon on what he said and how he said it!

May 2014 Lookbook

May 2014 Lookbook

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Anonymous said...

I'm still longing to hear about Berry! I enjoy your posts.