Thursday, May 29, 2014


This has been a day of logistics.
Returns to stores.
Trying to wrap up my class ( grades) and ordering with a code online 
and it didn't work. Things that would be easy  became filled with waiting
and logistics.

Until I saw these with dirt on them in Whole Foods ( not my photo).

I knew they were in the onion /garlic family but there was no sign and 
no price. I asked and they are ramp onions. 
I knew they were fresh. Just picked.
So I got just a handful.

At the register, she charged me twice the amount per pound. 

Now this made it 19.00 instead of 8.99 .... which I was thinking
my handful was very light and would only be a few dollars at the most. 
It came up to 4.00 which would have been about 2.00 at the lower 
price. At the end, she looked at me and said : Going to take it off. 
A gift. 

Thank you. 

Very short video here that will not go through when I put try to upload it. 
See : logistics. 

You are blessed if you have these tulip leaf onions! 
Eat the leaves: spinach garlic taste.

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podso said...

Interesting onions. I love days like that. When you can reflect on them. Storm and no power helps that reflection!