Monday, February 3, 2014

wondering on a Monday

Do you ever wake up on a Monday and wonder about the coming week or even 
the day? I usually feel this way after a busy weekend but in between my 
husband's birthday on friday and the Super Bowl / Downton/ Sherlock ( had seen 
all but the first )  this weekend I read Luci Shaw's new book on aging.  Luci 
turned 84 this year. She is an avid journal writer and poet. Poems come to 
her and she loves words. Roots of words. I adore her words. She is on 
facebook and still writing. May we have more, Luci. 

I have always wanted Susan Macaulay to do the same: write to the times 

more of what she has learned. I wrote her in a letter to consider this for families 
in our age. Maybe  a seed will stick in  the  fertile ground of her days. 

Here on a Monday , we can type to each other in an instant. This is what Luci says:

" Information overload. We seems to be spending more and more time in social

networking , hooked to our machines. I'd feel lost without email. I got snared into 
Facebook a few months ago and am amazed at what personal trivia people think
is worthwhile to post. Headache tonight. Maybe some milk and a cookie before
bed. Hung out with my sister. Etc...etc....etc..But then some thoughtful , truly 
informative comment or posting sends my own thinking in a fruitful direction,
and I'm grateful." 

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