Thursday, February 13, 2014

part two

The snow has been so pretty. 
The days were like postcards as we watched inches pile up.
The moon is out tonight and it is a winter scene.
Scenes poems are made of!

Then there has been Tim Keller's book on Pain 
and Suffering these snow days.
. I will remember reading this book
as the world turned white. The depth of his examination
of this subject which we all experience requires a stillness
of the soul. The question of WHY is always present. 
God is near. He is far in these times. 

" God's plan works through our choices, not around or 
despite them. ' 

" Ultimately, there are no accidents. His plan includes bad things."

' We live in an individualistic , consumeristic society, a society 
in which we are taught not self-renunciation but self- assertion--
your freedom , interests , and needs must come first.  A culture
promoting self assertion , however, will always produce revenge as
a response to suffering,  while a counterculture like the Amish, 
promoting self renunciation , will much more likely produce 
forgiveness as a response. "

" Most of us have been formed by a culture that nourishes revenge 
and mocks grace."

Very sobering. 

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