Monday, December 16, 2013

Small things

Can be big things like:

- we got our tree and decorated tonight 
- daughter-in-law almost got bumped off the flight on Friday night 
coming back from Chicago to Knoxville to graduate. She took a week long
prep class for the PA Boards. She did arrive in a delayed overbooked flight 
and did graduate. Read here
- son arrived on a delayed flight from London yesterday. His comment:
" everyone drives on the wrong side of the road!" 
- fun dinner last night with 2 sons, one daughter-in-law ( a teacher) , and 
a daughter 
- Home for the holidays!

Here is David Tennant reading HOW HIGH THE SKY and Small Mouse 
Big City. 

Here is a site from the British Library releasing illustrations from  
the 17th to 19th century books.  
This article says to applaud the British Library!

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