Thursday, December 12, 2013

Packing up again

Yes, heading out again . This time over the Appalachain Mts. to Knoxville
for my daughter-in-law's graduation. Physician Assistant! Right in the middle or 
near the middle of her two year Grad Program  , she married my #3 son. 
It was her two week break in June. So excited she is done and proud of her. 

#4 son comes home from London on Sunday. 

Things I have finished:

- My class today ended  with a heraldry project of Coat of Arms showing the past, present , 
and charge( hopes ) for each family in the future. I love projects and creativity.

- Enchanted Cornwall by Daphne du Maurier. I have not read her books but somehow
found this book in the library , mainly to learn more about Cornwall. It is a memoir and 
she tells all the books she read as a child , how her imagination was kindled and she 
knew then she would be a writer. As an author, she met Arthur Quiller-Couch and his 
daughter became a very good friend. His family asked her to finish his last manuscript ,
Castle Dor.

- suitcases from the trip are in the attic!

Things I have not finished:

- Christmas cards: slowly getting them in the mailbox. Long distances first , then 
closer in to my state last. 
-no tree up yet
- stack of books: Christmas ones and library books ( Shirley Hughes has a new chapter book. She wrote Alfie and Annie Rose books which I stepped into in London)
- almost done with shopping, not quite

And I fell today. This morning I  hit  my knees and even skinned one. I felt like I was old and young at the same time. A skinned knee is childhood and not being able to keep from falling made me feel old. My dear daughter said:
YOU are NOT old! You just walked for 10 days in London and Paris. ( isn't she sweet)
My slipper tripped me as I was going into the foyer from the kitchen and I just couldn't 
stop myself from falling. Boom onto my knees. Going to be sore tomorrow and black and blue. 


podso said...

Ouch Bonnie. Did you put on some ice? (here comes the nurse.) Have a wonderful time celebrating!

Bonnie said...

doing ok with it but still have bandaids on my knee!

Bonnie said...
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