Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Glory Be to...

                                                     Adoration of the Kings, Jan Gossaert
                                                              painted in 1500-1515
                                                                   oil on wood
                                                           National Gallery, London
                                                              larger view here

Can you see the depth of the painting? 
the view
the angels flying in 

An article to read from The Guardian which begins:

The small Belgian town of Mechelen is a quiet place. It grew rich on wool and once made the finest lace in Europe, but it's not hard to guess that the main attraction for many residents these days is its proximity to Brussels, just 20 minutes away by commuter train.

The neat streets are studded, however, with a number of startlingly grand buildings, dating from the glory days – the decades in the late 15th and early 16th century when the town was the heart of the territory of the powerful Dukes of Burgundy, who had long since expanded northwards to control an area that stretched from Switzerland to the North  Sea. 

It was also the home of an extraordinary artist: Jan Gossaert.

Groot Market above
Christmas Market below in Groot Market on a clear night


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