Friday, September 13, 2013

quiet weekend

So nice to be home and quiet. 

Saw a hawl screeching across the backyard. 
A hummingbird's flight over the back deck sounded like an engine humming.

I could hear because of the quiet. 

Just reading Sarah's blog  and she is back home. 
Looking forward  to what she writes next:
I am writing my talks on imagination. I’m developing a line of children’s books… quite the exciting announcement to come.

Just read Lanier also over at the Rabbit Room. Not back on her blog but hopefully soon. 
Just read my daughter-in-law's blog about last weekend and hearing John Piper at 
this blogger's church's 10th anniversary worship service. 
( Do listen to him : it was powerful) 

Just read my daughter's blog and what she started today.

Fall is coming: 

photo from Terrain which is a branch of Anthropologie.
I get their emails just to see the beauty. 

Gourd Garland

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beth said...

Thank you for your sweet note taht came in the mail. I'm so glad you all were able to come on Sunday. What a special day - thankful to share it with you and yours!